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Fruitful Healthcare values and principles:

Commitment: As an organization, we are committed to the people and communities that we served in the transformation of their lives.

Humility: A spirit of serving in all we do and belonging to a larger movement fighting for the rights and welfare of women and their families
Respect: We believe in mutual respect and thereby recognize the innate worth of all people and the value of their unique experiences.
Integrity: We believe in honesty and transparency and will be held accountable for the effectiveness of our actions and open in our communication.

Solidarity: We believe in solidarity with the poor, powerless, and excluded. We will make sure in our commitment to improving poverty conditions.
Equality and Justice: We believe in equality and justice and we will work to ensure equal opportunity for everyone, irrespective of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, class, ethnicity, disability, location, and religion.
Stewardship: Accountability, innovation, and urgency.
Service: We strive to exceed our rural communities in Sierra Leone, our members, and our development partners’ expectations for comfort and opportunities.
Teamwork: We collaborate, shared values and knowledge to benefit the communities we served for the progression of our mission

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